Mothering Sunday

I had pleasant start to the day with a lovely card of hubby, bizarrely without an envelope,..! But that was okay as the card was so sweet, apparently he couldn’t find the envelope for the card but took it anyway. The boys bought me cards and potted plants apiece which were lovely. Then I went back to bed with the papers, as you do, whilst hubby went to the plot and planted up our onions, shallots and garlic, the garlic is just a little late, but I think I’ve already planted half a row of garlic, so all is not lost.

Later, I went to the plot with son no.1. Although he winged a bit he did manage to work for several hours with me, planting seeds into pots, I forget all that we did, I seem to have misplaced my gardening notebook, so I’ll have to find that pretty sharpish or find me a replacement. We planted up lots of trays which included 4 trays of peas, 4 types of cabbage, 4 types of brussel sprouts, purple sprouting, 2 trays of climbing french beans. I think thats all. Of course I am now very sensitive about the weather. So it was a bit of a shock to hear that we may after all this time be getting a little snow. If all else fails (thats the fingers crossed method) we’ll just have to go up the plot in the pitch black and get the paraffin heater going. Note to self, check how much paraffin we have.

It was a lovely afternoon, spent laughing with son no.1, well, laughing until two boiling hot cups of hot chocolate ended up scalding my left hand because of him simply not thinking. Its a good job I did grab the tray as it was falling off the table, otherwise we may well have been in hospital this evening as the hot chocolate was heading straight towards his crown jewels!! Its okay, my hand only hurt for fifteen minutes.. He did make up for it by staying a little longer to help me.

This evening we went to Mum and Dads to wish Mum a happy Mothers Day.

I’m off to bed now, to dream about planting seeds!! It makes a nice change from the wooly dreams that I have enjoyed so much this winter.

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