I’ve decided what I want for Easter.


I would quite happily accept These instead. Apart from being a smaller box, which is probably more sensible, they have the advantage of being gluten free. So I could actually say they were mine and not Have to share them.

I blame various people, Carie for showing us her lovely Christmas chocolates, Mary for the way she dribbled and then said, how good hotelchocolat was whilst still salivating, when I asked Carie about her lovely Christmas chocolates, And then when I had just about put these chocolates to the back of my mind, making a firm well a firmish vow that I wouldn’t bother with chocolates this year for Easter, etc, etc.

Well, I was just reading a blog, as you do, and I really shouldn’t be, which was talking about home made Turkish Delight.. I thought, “oh thats interesting” so I googled “Turkish Delight” to see what came up (I often have to fine tune my googling, its always a bit hit and miss to start with) and guess what??? The first one, the very first one, was hotel chocolate… that was it, I fell down the rabbit hole and have been drooling about chocolates for the last half an hour, which is a very sad thing to do.

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