Speedy Seeds

After completing the Emergency Chocolate Run to Solihull, you knew it would keep calling to me and I am weak. At least I had a partner in crime as after showing hubby the link to the box of chocolates I would like (which I hasten to say, I did not get), he took very little persuasion to drive to Solihull. We really like the Praline Puddles and the 50% milk chocolate. (and we even have a secret stash hidden away from the children.. Ssssshhhh.)

We decide that a quick trip to the plot was called for, just to make sure we were ship shape before the big storm. The winter had caused cracks to form in the plastic glazing part of the greenhouse, so hubby taped over them with masking tape, I listen to my fellow allotment holders and many times I have heard that if you have a hole and the wind gets into it, it can tear a greenhouse apart. Whilst he was doing this, he nearly killed me. Fortunately I was about a foot away when a large sheet of glass on the roof cracked in half and half fell into the greenhouse. Note to self, don’t work in the greenhouse whilst hubby is ‘mending’ it.

My peas are germinating, this causes me to go giddy with excitement. I had three rows last year and to be honest, it was simply not enough. This year I have seed for spring, summer and late peas, I aim to stretch out my pea growing season for as long as possible. As I was planting seeds into pots I came across a note written in my hand on a foil packet of seeds, there was no other information, I had simply called them Speedy Seeds, it made me giggle. I think its some kind of lettuce, I’ve planted them anyway.

On Sunday we went to a carboot sale at the NAC, I managed to buy a sugar thermometer, bringing my little adventure into homemade turkish delight one step forward. Later we fed the ducks at the Abbey Fields and then went for a walk around the back of Kenilworth Castle, unfortunately our normal walk was much too muddy, so we decided to do the Millennium walk. I wouldn’t walk it in the summer as it tends to get full of fair weather walkers, but in the winter, especially whilst its raining (which it was) its a nice quiet little walk thats still dry underfoot when other walks are not usable.

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