My son.. Knits.. I’m so Proud.

At the crack of dawn this morning I realised that work on the plot was impossible due to heavy rain overnight, so decided that I would rather like to go to the Sewing for Pleasure/Hobbycrafts exhibition at the NEC. Mmmm.. who to take, a bleary eyed boy who had been watching the Grand Prix in Australia for several hours in the middle of the night came to my attention… It was only later, in the car, that I warned him he might be the only, or one of few, males in his age range… Fortunately he took this new information in good humour…

He was a little apprehensive as we walked in, realising whilst we were waiting in the queue for tickets that he was the only male for miles around.. he actually pointed out another male person to me, I think just to underline exactly how bad things were for him. What can a mother do, I just smiled my happy little smile and carried on, as you do..

Ten minutes into the Sewing for Pleasure exhibition, I noticed son no. 1, just out the corner of my eye, I’m still not sure if I was meant to see this, Whack himself with the palm of his hand really hard to the temple of his brow. “What are you doing”, I exclaimed. “I just want to know if this is a weird nightmare, or reality”. I found him a chocolate stall soon after..

Soon after, we found Anna from Web of Wool, whilst I was restocking my stash and wandering around her stand, I noticed, her latest book. Wow, I love it. Fab Feet & Cosy Toes by Anna Tillman. I’ve been waiting for this for a while, after listening to the girls in our knitting group giggle over it, its wonderful.

Son no.1 and Anna got into conversation, mainly about train sets!! But then Anna said to him that he could learn to knit at the ‘Shaun the Sheep’ stall.

Later we find the Shaun the Sheep stall, by this time son no.1 has sniffed the wool fumes and is heady under their influence. Without undue influence from me, he agrees to learn to knit. I could not believe it, and with the addition of a very pretty young girl who wishes to teach him to knit, he sinks into the rabbit hole of knitting…

I am so Proud.

He cast on, learns to knit, then pearl, there maybe a few button holes along the way, and then this evening I taught him to cast off.

Before piccies, there was behavior that literally blew my mind!

Lunch, He stopped eating and said, “Oh I can knit now” and did so.

Decides he would like to knit a pair of Williams (as in F1) socks and has already spied the right colour at Web of Wool and goes back for them to get a sock kit.

Later, waiting for Dad, “Oh I can knit now” and did so.

Get home, asks me how to join wool, (as his is broken) I do so, then asks me how to cast off,

Why? so he can cast on again..

then knits again for a couple of row.. he is tired now so I’ve told him to end on a high.

First knitting.

Casting off

2 thoughts on “My son.. Knits.. I’m so Proud.

  1. Mary says:

    /impressedNow to find a Beautiful Young Woman to demonstrate the finer points of washing-up and laundry?;)There’s whole groups of men who knit on Ravelry, if he’s interested. (Not to mention groups of young ladies who are intrigued by seeing a man with yarn capability).


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