Mice.. and peas.

As much as I love mice, we at one time had a handful of mice as pets, the boys used to play with them and used to pretend they were pirates climbing the rigging of their pirate ship. It was a sight to be seen and for some reason they (as in mice and boys) loved it.

But mice and peas do not go. Well not when you want to grow peas.

Mice have decimated my peas that were sown in the greenhouse. 😦

As cruel as this is, mouse traps will need to be set. I feel very sad about this, but humane mouse traps could be worse. Firstly, because mice with a certain amount of scrabbling have been known to get out of them, so the job is not done and secondly, we only go up to the greenhouse every two or three days. The temperature can rise quite rapidly to over 30 degrees C, so a mouse could die a slow and painful death of thirst.

There is always a quandary when dealing with this sort of situation. Mostly of course, your own ends whatever they are become higher in the scheme of things than your opponents. But, I still feel sad.

One thought on “Mice.. and peas.

  1. Mary says:

    Mary just suggested putting gin in the humane traps so the mice at least die happy and not thirsty.I pointed out that if the humane traps were like little greenhouses then the gin would evaporate and you’d get down the allotment to find 30 mice staggering around the door to the trap, a wee bit “tired and emotional” and demanding kebabs.-Steve


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