Well, its nearly the moment when recycling will be thrust upon us in Warwickshire.

Yesterday, I tried to get another grey bin, currently I use two big household bins for one weeks worth of rubbish. I will now have to get used to recycling as I am not entitled to another grey bin, which is to last two weeks. You have to have 6 or more members in your household before you qualify. I tried to bring the dogs into my argument, but the council does not view them as family members. Well, what else are they, when you feed them, look after them and clear up after them. I then tried the chickens argument, (although we compost their waste, but I was getting desperate) She didn’t have chickens on her list and had to ask me what they ate!

The main argument is, that if you have extra waste, you are expected to take it down to the tip yourself. Mmm, first I don’t drive and secondly,,,,,, a bit defeating the opject isn’t it, using all that extra fossil fuel, wear and tear on the car etc.

And after all of this conversation, I forgot to ask for my extra red bin. Your only entitled to two, currently we fill one with just newspapers, so how we are expected to get a fortnights worth of wine bottles, plastic bottles, tins, cans, paper, cardboard etc etc, into one, I have no idea. You can however, put any extra recycling into open, (not tied up) carrier bags next to your red bin. Oh that is going to be a joyous experience on a windy day. Yippee half of our rubbish has just flown down the street. In Bournemouth their recycling bin are the same size as our grey bins, very sensible it was, not silly little red bins.

I wonder if the council will be contributing to peoples water bills for those on a meter. As you have to rinse out every can/bottle before putting out for recycling.

So I’ve bit the bullet, and had to order a recycling bin for inside the home.. can you imagine the dogs looking through the red bin on an hourly basis, to see what they could pinch. (a child would certainly have left the lid off)


1 home recycling triple bin,(had to be a large family one for obvious reasons) check.
1 heavy duty food floor can crusher, (so we can try to squeeze everything into red box) check.
1 plastic bottle & can crusher,(for same reason as above) check.
1 set of 7 recycling bin stickers, (so I don’t have to strangle a child before I’ve had my 2nd cup of the day for putting stuff in wrong bins) check.

Total cost… £133.70

Thats an awful lot of wool. 😦

This problem has got to me in such a way, that in the middle of the night, whilst half asleep I was devising a little movable plastic arrow that I could stick onto the bins to move from grey rubbish to green rubbish so the children (and I) would know which bin to put food waste in that week.

I could rant on about how I very rarely buy plasic bottles, (its the kids) I’ve only bought bottled water in dire circumstances, what is wrong with a flask. Why are we still using metal to store food? surely most things could be stored in the cardboard bio degradable packs. That manufacturers seem to use more and more packaging. There are three layers of packaging before I can get to a gluten free muffin, three layers!

This might not be a politically correct post, in my defence to all those that love recycling, I do quite alot in other ways, grow most of my own fruit and veg during the summer including keeping hens for their eggs. I have a make do and mend mentality, which is why its so painful to spend that sort of money on bins..

3 thoughts on “Recycling.

  1. Mary says:

    I can easily answer the washing bit – you just swill the plastics in your washing-up water when you’ve finished the dishes. They have to be more-or-less-clean, not sterilised.One of the boys drives, right? Make it his responsibility to run stuff to the tip if you create too much rubbish. Watch his wastage plummet.Generally supermarkets have recycling wotsits in the carpark. Making a special trip to do the recycling is inefficient, but it’s not that difficult to incorporate it into the weekly shop – you go with a (car boot, shopping basket, trolley, bag, whatever) full of newspapers or empty bottles, you come back with a (the same whatever) full of groceries. No big deal.Everyone was just the same when recycling was introduced in [where I lived before] some time back. Within a couple of months everyone was used to it.


  2. mandycharlie says:

    Thanks Mary, I love the fact that you have put so much energy into your reply, I do realise I am and I think have admitted that I am a grumpy old toad about all of this.. but,the comment about water usage was directed about people who are attached to a water meter. Fortunately I am not, but apart from the water usage, which I will have to use as fresh water as I have a water efficent dish washer is yet another job to do.Yes one of the boys drives, he does not as yet have a car. And,,, the car that he may get in the future will most probably be not fuel efficient, which is what my comment was directed at.Supermarkets do have recycling wotsits, I understand that. I must remember to tell my husband even though he works best part of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, (well for the last two months) to fit that into his daily plan.. I’m sure he will appreciate that. Me, well, I’m a bit poorly, (well actually I’ve been up to my maxium pain killers in the last three weeks, must be the cold) but not as quite as to be able to be classified as disabled but it really does stop me wanting to pull anything up to the local supermarket, (about 1/2 a mile), or even doing extra work in the house.I’m sure with my new found plans which entailed an awful lot of expenditure we will get through this, as you so rightly suggest others have.. lets just say, I’m feeling the strain and an awful lot of pain. (I’m three weeks in, I’m going to give it another two weeks then I’m going to hammer on a doctors door). So I apologise if I sound grumpy,.


  3. Mary says:

    Nah, I apologise if I sounded preachy.But I do promise you that, once it’s got going for a while, it doesn’t seem half as bad as it does while it’s LOOMING.Hope things perk up soon.


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