Today, has been a much better day.

I know I whinge quite often, but the last few weeks in this cold weather I’ve felt like my muscles are made of stiff cardboard and I feel as though I should creak when ever I move. Last night I was up to maximum dosage of paracetamol/ibuprofen combo yet again and had a very bad night and this morning I had to repeat the dose. Oh bum, another day like that, but miraculously the pain seemed to gently disappear.

I wandered up to the plot to inspect the mouse traps and peas. The mice are winning. I had a bizarre conversation with hubby late last night. He was telling me that the mice were out witting him, he has been baiting them with dried cat food, all cat food eaten not a mouse to be seen. I suggested baiting the traps with small slices of a mars bar that need to be stuck to the plate on the traps so that the mice could not run away so easily with the bait. He then told me in quite a joyful manner, that the mice ‘really like the cat food’. In slightly concerned tones I had to say, “Hubby we are not trying to build the mouse community up, we are trying to diminish it!” He laughed, his reply, “well at least they are not eating your peas!” I love that mans humour.

I planted another four trays of peas, (placed at the highest point in the greenhouse ‘fingers crossed’) another tray of marigolds to fight the white fly invasion that covered our brassicas last year, pricked out three trays of lettuces, including the speedy seeds, which are doing very well. I then said hello to a newbie plot neighbour and gave her a tray of lettuces. Lovely lady, I thought she did very well at her first meeting with me considering I was as bald as a coot at the time. I’ve come to the decision that I cannot possibly work in a wig up at the plot and that everyone sooner or later will get used to the idea. I may need a super strength sun cream though 🙂

And then, it must have been the warmth of the sun shining, the fresh air and exercise, happy little tunes dancing around in my head, I had a spade in my hand and was digging. I dug four rows, four full, the width of the plot rows, then started to clear my strawberry bed. They’ve not done so well, I may have to replace the majority of the plants. Son no.1 came up and joined me for half an hour and dug another section over for me. It was good, all good.

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