Guilty as charged me lud!


Although there are extenuating circumstances. (said tongue in cheek)

Firstly, the rhubarb is situated on common ground, it nestles half way around the communal water trough.

Secondly, I have studied and dribbled over this rhubarb from afar and to the best of my knowledge and I was watching very carefully, last year no one picked any. The rhubarb became a huge and glorious plant with a huge crown.

Thirdly, when I mentioned that no one seemed to be picking said rhubarb to the Secretary of our Allotment Society last year, (sadly I never said anything until after June, my Nan said never to pick rhubarb after June, although I can’t actually remember why) he told me if no one else is picking it, help yourself.

So this year I have..

Maybe I could say it was a crime of passion, (oops wrong country) a passion for gorgeous, fresh, squeeky clean fruit and veg.

Rest assured, I never pick anything that is not actually mine, well, apart from,, the blackberries that are in the hedge that surround the plots and no one picks them either!

Today on the plot I have sown another six trays of peas, three different types, one a petit pois, so that should be very interesting. Three different types of cauliflower, five different types of lettuce, (including the infamous speedy seeds!) raked over and started to prepare soil and sorted out seeds for planting carrots, parsnips, and beetroot. Wind stopped play on actually planting any seed outdoors. I’ve played that game before and ended up with carrots strategically placed on my allotment. And then, weeded out my onion bed, several stops were required for tea.

There is so much to do at this time of year, it kept me awake last night just thinking about it all. Dad has been relegated to the evening slot this week, just so that I can catch up.

One thought on “Guilty as charged me lud!

  1. Virtuous says:

    Hiya!! Saw you post on Tienne’s blog about having alopecia and I do too!! :o) Thought I would just drop you a quick note and say we have two things in common with each other!


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