A host of Golden

Tennis balls.. such is the wit of this allotment holder. I don’t quite dance with the tennis balls but I certainly dance when I gather my crops and I often wander lonely as a cloud, wondering when the ‘eck I’m going to get some help up ‘ere.

Peas… yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, I love peas, I do, what can I say, I just love peas.

This took me hours today, erecting canes, unraveling netting (not really a one person job), finding tennis balls, tent pegs to pin the netting to the ground. It does take quite a while.. then an hour of solid graft just putting the peas in. It is so going to be worth it.

There are two varieties here, Hurst Green Shaft and Klevedon Wonder.

And this is a few hours work earlier in the week, four rows of parsnips (three varieties) one of beetroot (two varieties) and three carrots (three varieties). I would tell your their names, but my info is up the plot.

They say, (the met office) we may get a little rain over the weekend, I’d quite like that as it will water in my seeds and get them off to a good start. Last year they were as dry as a bone.

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