A knitting novel!

I know that I am probably the last one on the planet (in knitting circles) to find out about this book, but find out I have. Yesterday, Son no.1 and I took ourselves off to Coventry for some R & R. We had lunch at The Noodle Bar, which is yummy, (and they do rice noodles for me) and then off to look around gaming shops for him, wool and bookshops for me. I found “The Friday Night Knitting Club” written by Kate Jacobs. Well, as soon as I saw the front cover I was hooked! I read the first page of the story, it made me smile, as images of a certain wool shop and its owner floated through my imagination. I’ve had a quick scoot around the net and their making a film about it! Wouldn’t it be lovely, if we (as in Tuesday night knitters) all went as a group to see it.

I’m just off to the plot, if the weather keeps fine. My knitting has sadly been pushed to one side as the demands of my vegetables grow. April is one of the busiest month of the allotmenteers calendar. If you can get through April, (well its really end of March to mid May) with limbs and back intact, without having lost it all to the weather, you should be in with a chance of having decent crops, at least in something.

I’m slightly concerned that my courgette seeds haven’t sprung into life as yet, so I may need to ‘check’ or in other words wiggle a pencil around in the pot to see if the seed has rotted or has germinated. (or even if the mice have had another free feed!)

I’ve more pea plants to put in, which will be done hopefully today, depending on how soggy the ground is and I suspect I shall find a few other little jobs up there.

4 thoughts on “A knitting novel!

  1. Mad about Craft says:

    I can recommend another ‘knit’ novel thats a really good laugh and that is ‘Divas don’t knit’. I read it last week when I was on annual leave. I only read a few pages a day (I can read a paperback in a few hours if it is easy reading)as I didn’t want it to finish. It made laugh out loud on numerous occasions.


  2. Stasher says:

    The Friday Night Knitting Club was just the book for me too. I read it not long after I had joined the Tuesday Night Knitting Group. Like you was drawn by the title and sourced it from our local library. I needed a hankie though!


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