T’was a good day.

Mum and I synchronized our watches and successfully met up on the same bus departing from Kenilworth, then the next bus on our journey was ready and waiting for us to alight as we pulled into the top of The Parade. It took us just over half an hour to get from home to the hospital. I almost jinxed it, by saying to Mum, just as we were turning onto The Parade, that the bus we next require, which is a bus I used to use for work was often ready and waiting, but it probably won’t be, because I’ve just jinxed it, but it was.. “Yippee”, I yelled, “the 68 is here” as I ran for it, Mum came trotting up closely behind. Then, I nearly forgot to get off at the correct stop, but it was all good, I managed to redeem myself and quickly pressed the stop button, whilst at the same time launching myself into the aisle.

Dad was good, he’s a bit down of course having just learnt that he may well be there for some weeks, but we grabbed a wheelchair and whisked him down to the coffee shop run by ‘League of Friends’ who were doing an excellent job, Sis met up with us and we bought tea for four for one pound sixty something. Which was incredibly cheap and it was a very nice brew, I nearly asked what tea bags they were using as it was so satisfying.

The good thing about being laid up in a local hospital is the people that you meet, earlier in the day Dad had spied a very lovely person who I haven’t seen for getting on for thirty years. She though had spotted Dad’s notes and had thought to herself there can only be one person in Kenilworth with that surname and had come along to him to take a peek and she was proved right. It was a brother of mines first love, we (as in all of us) were so giddy to see each other again after all this time. Whilst she was administering tablets and an injection to my Dad we quickly caught up. The reunion was lovely, I’ve promised (she made me!) to take in piccies of my boys etc. (to be honest the latest piccies are just on the computer, which is what I most dislike about the digital age, but I’ll find something). It really was so nice to see her after all this time. She even made comment to my Mum about how much she missed our lovely Sunday teas, especially the coleslaw (which actually my Dad used to make!) there were always home cooked doughnuts, fairy cakes, butterfly cakes, fruit cake and trifle, Mum said later, how she had forgotten about her Sunday teas, (when we were all living at home, she was feeding seven on a daily basis, ten on a Sunday) it bought back very nice memories for her.

And then, I got dropped off at my very favourite place, my Tuesday night knitting group, to spend a couple of hours or three with the girls. I’ve really missed them you know.

During the evening Carie helped me when I had crossed the wrong way in a cable stitch, I did my up most to try and understand exactly what was going on as she rescued my knitting, I might need to practice that.

Mary chose some lovely sock wool, I’m so glad she chose something she is happy with, there is nothing more wonderous than knitting with something you Love.

The time that I appreciated the most, is that when I waffled and wittered, sometimes on and off course, about things that have affected me most in the last few weeks, they nodded, offered me chocolate and understood where I was at.

But the thing that came out of the knitting group this evening and you know it makes sense, I really think we need to make …. Santa hats knitted for our Christmas party!

One thought on “T’was a good day.

  1. Mad about Craft says:

    I hope Dad feels more cheerful soon, it’s a s$% when we get older, it takes 2 minutes to become ill and then forever to recover.So nice to meet old friends and I really want to see a photo of you all wearing knitted santa hats.


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