Good news on Dad

Just a quick post, as some of the Kenilworth gang have taken to reading my blog.

Dad has been moved to the local rehab hospital tonight which is very good news. It means he’s no longer on a medical ward with all that that entails and they will be able to concentrate on just getting him back on his feet. He’s transfering from bed to chair well and is able to stand and do the shuffle with the aid of a walky thing up and down the ward. So its just a question of his strength returning as he uses his legs.

I’ve sorted out the bus timetables for my Mum and we will be going on new buses and new adventures. (she’ll be a whiz at this bus malarky by the end of this)

The only good thing about the main drag closing in Kenilworth for the next 24 weeks is it routes the x17 (bus to Leamington) nearly right to our front doors, we don’t have to walk to St. Johns Church. Which makes me incredibly lazy, but will make mine and my Mums next section of our life much easier, especially with all this rain coming in.

Hopefully, I will be able to see the girls at my knitting group next week, I have really missed going to my knitting group and seeing the girls, they are all such good eggs, with many a chuckle during the evening. Depending on how shattered I feel I might even sneak in for an hour tomorrow, but I’m just going to suck it and see. I haven’t forgotten you Mary, you choose what your heart most desires, (I’m sure the girls will have lots of ideas!) you know I owe you some sock wool.

And on that note, I shall depart.

(mandy departs in a cheery mood with a glass of red and a good nights sleep to look forward to)

One thought on “Good news on Dad

  1. Mary says:

    Yay for improvement, long may it continue :)I’m less fussed about the sock wool and more fussed about making sure you know you can ring any time you want a chatter.


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