Tomatoes and Marigolds

We are in the very enviable position of having completely weeded our plot. (my ironing pile has reached epic proportions but you can’t have everything) This gives hubby and I a very warm glow and we are just hoeing, sowing seeds, watering seeds and allowing our imaginations to run wild as we envisage our bumper crops. Its always a lovely time of year Before the weather or pests conspire against you and all your work.

This weekend I potted on our tomatoes, seven varieties this year to try.

These are dwarf french marigolds. I grew a few last year to keep away the white fly in the greenhouse, they did an excellent job as they emit pyrethrum a natural insecticide. We didn’t have any white fly in our greenhouse at all. So, I thought, as I watched the white fly descend in huge clouds onto our brassicas, I wonder if that would work outside. I intend to grow them on in pots, so that they are movable. I feel this might be important around the brassicas as the marigolds can attract slugs! And if they do, then I will have to make a decision as to what to do before the slugs munch through my cabbages. Perhaps beer baits around the marigolds might be the answer.

2 thoughts on “Tomatoes and Marigolds

  1. Mad about Craft says:

    If it is any consolation my ironing pile is also of epic proportions as I’ve been quilting all week although if I am absolutely truthful the ironing pile has been round a lot longer than a week but it has got bigger this week.Good luck with the creepy crawly fight.


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