Its not easy you know, searching for a wig. Its such a huge commitment, not like a pair of shoes that once bought, if not exactly right for reasons of style, comfort or blisters you can say “Oops” carefully place them at the back of the wardrobe, allow them to collect a little dust whilst still considering what may be done and then most probably casually donate them to a charity once hubby’s back is turned.

A wig may not be for life, but it could be for three years (human hair), which would seem a lifetime if it was something you were not happy with.

Hubby has been tootling me up and down the motorway of late to see a wig maker. I have a NHS prescription for two human hair wigs, which will still cost me £235.00 each. I thought we were near the end of my adventure and two weeks ago I sat and had my huge head wrapped with cling film and then covered in sticky back plastic, other wise known as Sellotape. Because I have such a huge bonce, nothing fits, so I need a mold of my gorgeous head to then send off to whoever would make the actual wig. This was to be sent to Thailand. Me, being me, did enquire as to whether they knew the standards of the particular factory they were dealing with and I was reassured that the staff were well looked after and well paid. Obviously I had my doubts, but then, I’m not perfect and tshirts from a certain supermarket that does extremely cheap clothing have been known to fall into my shopping trolley.

We discussed style, colour, (I took my own hair for a colour match) length and density, cut comes later, at great length. I did get the impression as did hubby that basically once ordered one would have to accept whatever came back. Which did make me slightly nervous and at that point, I simply said, “Whilst I am willing to accept a wide margin of flexibility of whatever comes back, if it is wrong and it simply looks horrendous, I will not accept it” I thought that was reasonable to state. We carried on talking at great length, I had taken a photo of me in so she could see me and my gorgeous locks having taken into account that she had said on a previous visit not to have something too curly as it would be difficult to manage. So I had taken a casually, more wavy than curly piccie of me in for her to study. Don’t get me wrong, she was lovely and was being very helpful although she did say she would need to discuss it with her curl advisor.

Then, she showed me a human hair wig that had just come in that she had not actually studied, it had just been washed and allowed to dry naturally. With all due respect and she agreed it would need to go back again, the hair line at the front had one small bare patch and on closer inspection I quickly found another bare patch at the front of the head. Oh dear I was thinking.

But you know, you get to a point where you still press ahead. And I was at that point, although I am nowhere near as upset as I was when I first lost my hair, I still found this quite exhausting.

So, I tell my parents my news that a wig should be on its way to me in eight weeks, they bless them, have donated the cost of one wig to me. This is a fair sum for pensioners and I am deeply touched.

Two weeks on, I receive a letter today, which is wonderfully written and to be honest quite brave, it simply states that they don’t think they will be able to provide me with what I require and offer an alternative wig supplier who actually make wigs in this country. Lets hope Warwick Hospital will allow them to service my NHS prescription. Although I know nothing of this company and so am at a loss at to what to do.

And I’m a couple of months further down the line, my present wig is far from looking its best (synthetic wigs are only judged to last about six months or so) and its well over that now. I did buy some cheap party wigs, (not pink and fluffy!) that could keep me going to toddle around the supermarket in or walk the dogs, but they really are scratching the bottom of the barrel.

If anyone does catch this blog post, (well you never know) can you recommend a Wig maker in a fifty mile radius of Warwickshire that could make me a gorgeous, long, wavy, nice and thick human hair wig. Although it may have to be nearer to allow my NHS prescription to be accepted, I don’t exactly know the ‘rules’ on prescriptions.

I live in hope, thats all I have.

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