Casting off.

I’m afraid I haven’t got piccies. But I have finished two pairs of Fetchings in different lengths and My So Called Scarf in Malabrigo (dusty). I love, love, love, the way the stitch pattern looks on this scarf. I hate, hate, hate, knitting it. It makes my fingers and hands ache. (and it used to make my brain ache as well!) I think its because my hands are only used to simple knitting and this is slightly more involved.

I also have another problem with it. The cast on is lovely and neat, I did a long tail cast on and its fine, (well I’m happy with it) but the cast off, well, first I cast off on the plain (front) side, I didn’t like that and it made it look lacy at the end. Then I tried to cast off on the purl side using a purl cast off, I didn’t like that. So then I have cast off on the purl side but with a knit cast off. (is this making sense!) and although it doesn’t seem as lacy, (although it does a bit) its made it flair out.

And then I realised, I actually don’t know very much about casting off.

Hubby and I have had a bit of a weird weekend. We have both been waking up with headaches feeling a little washed out and quite tired. Nothing you can put your finger on, but enough to annoy you. So basically we have done nothing all weekend apart from sleep. (which is why I’m up at this hour as I’ve slept all afternoon)

Just as hubby was about to slink up the stairs early yesterday evening, he had a call from the nursing home his Father is in and he had to dash down there (an hours drive). His Dad’s much better today, it was just an infection needing antibiotics. The last couple of months have been quite exhausting in one way or another.

I haven’t even been grocery shopping this week, so it was a sort of ready steady (without the speed element) Cook! menu this evening. Fortunately there were sausages (in the freezer), an onion, spuds, and a butternut squash (don’t they keep well in the fridge) that had been there for weeks. Some frozen chicken stock, tinned sweetcorn and a nice piece of fresh ginger.

So we had, sweetcorn and ginger soup followed by sausage casserole, (with carrots and tinned toms) mashed spuds and roasted butternut squash. And there is enough soup left for my lunch and enough sausage casserole for the boys tomorrow.

As we haven’t been down the plot to work, hubby went to water tonight, I must get down there tomorrow and plant some beans, (after I’ve done my five day, seven day and as far as I can see weather forecasts!)

And on that note, I’m off to bed.

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