Risk of Ground Frost

According to the Met Office, there is a risk of ground frost tonight. Which doesn’t surprise me as the skies are very clear and it feels cooler. The air temperature is predicted to be at 4C which means a ground frost is likely.

I must be becoming something of an experienced gardener… as my memory has told me not to jump into action planting tender plants until nearly the very end of May. We often have a hard frost after long and hot balmy days which we take to mean that summer is at long last here and lets face it, in some years that is it. (Take April last year for instance!)

Our little plot is at the top of a gently rolling slope, which means a frost being heavier than air it will roll away from us. Last year for instance we had a late hard frost and many peoples potatoes and beans were damaged, ours were fine as the frost had sloped off down the hill away from us. It was quite spectacular walking up the hill the next morning to go and inspect our crops and looking at the progression of damage and how the land lies in relation to the damage. (I do understand if your version of spectacular is not the same as mine!)

I found it very informative. It really stood me in good stead, when the gentle banter came about in the summer, about lack of rain and how it runs away from you down the hill and how dry our plot would become. (although How exactly, one or two of the old boys managed to squeeze this gentle banter in with all the rain we actually had, defies even me!) I was able to reply that “at least I’m not in a frost hollow… how badly were you damaged? didn’t touch us at all”. They normally laugh and realise they have met their match…

Anyway enough of this bantering, I shall not risk planting my beans for another few days and go and do some weeding and constructing of bean frames instead.

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