Loook, Tis a present for me!

Giddy, giddy with excitement I am. Honestly, I cannot convey the joy I feel within, its felt on so many different levels. Tonight I went to Tuesday night knitting, proud and eager to show off my picot edge, when my knitting friend and regular blog reader Carie also known as Knitted Bear came into the shop. We were standing with Anna and Rachel and casually bantering about wool and colours and colours and wool, when, Carie said, “I have something for you”. “For me?” “Yes,” she says and pulls out this wonderful book. “For me?” I think I replied, in slightly squeeky tones. “Wow” Then I said, “have you read my post about a slight nudge about b’day prezzies”. She said “No”… I said “oooh No, Keep it for my Birthday” She wouldn’t hear of it. And then she said that she thought I needed a little cheering up. Aaaaw bless.

I’ve never read any of the Yarn Harlots books, I read her blog regularly, but had not yet managed to acquire any of her books and I’ve been wanting to for so long and I had to tell Carie that this, was the One Book, (I just love the title) that I really, really wanted.

Which means my sneaky little friend, that there was a reason for asking if I was going to be at Tuesday night knitting! That it was well planned and executed and that you have carted it to work and back and whats more, remembered to put it into your bag before the dash to the train station. But mostly, it was a very caring and extremely generous act, so rare to find, (I’m leaking now) thank you.

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