Picot Edge

1. When reading a pattern “Provisionally” actually means something.

2. You can unwind your long tail cast on, but you will be unable to knit it as its unwinding the wrong way.

3. It is possible to then catch those live stitches onto spare DPN’s and you will feel smug, so that you can knit it the right way.

4. You then realise your a row short.

5. You frog.

6. You then make a chain without a crochet hook, its a bit messy but its okay.

7. Your chain is too short, so you find another scrap of wool and do a bodge job.

8. When unwinding your chain, you realise it might have been better to:-

a) use a different coloured wool to your main wool.


b) use a smooth wool,

3 hours from starting,

you have this.

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