first crops..

Its been a lovely weekend, yesterday was spent with hubby at the Peace Festival. We used the bus service as it has very kindly been rerouted right outside our door for the next few months. You might say its our very own personal taxi service! This also allows Hubby to have a glass or two of red wine.

Today was spent very gently, I think you get the idea and then a wander to the plot was in order to dig up my Dads fathers day pressie from me. He had a good selection of the following along with a dozen of our eggs. He was very pleased.

First there were Peas.. our seasons first, I’ve beaten quite a few of the more experienced plot holders, I put quite alot of effort into my peas..

These are Kelvdon Wonder, they taste quite sweet, although I think from memory the Hurst Greenshaft are much sweeter. I shall just have to wait until those are ready to taste test them.

Then there were strawberries, a motly crew of varieties which I’ve long since forgotten.

Radishes were removed from the parsnip rows as the parnsips have germinated well. Some of these will be too big, but some will be fine.

Then some Japanese onions were picked. Its a little early but we have lots of them and they are taking up valuable ground that I am desperate to get my leeks into. They won’t store in the same way that a maincrop onion will, so we need to use them whilst their fresh.

Then some salad onions were picked. Actually these are maincrop onions that will store. But they were planted much too close together, because of lack of room. So I am thinning them now and they make a very tasty salad onion.

Some lovely round lettuces. I’m making a concerted effort to sow lettuce regularly to try and aim to keep us in a regular supply.

And last but not least, some lovely fresh oregano.

So tonights menu is a salad, followed by a roast chicken where the meat has been sliced to the bone and stuffed with lemon, garlic and oregano which has been pounded together. There will be new potatoes and onions roasted alongside until they are nice and sweet and sticky and served with some very fresh peas.

And… strawberries, which may or may not have been marinated in Cointreau and served with Greek yoghurt. I’m not sure yet, I need to bounce some ideas of Hubby.

And on that note, I’m off to go and wash lettuce..

What could be finer.

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