And then… there were presents.

I feel so lucky to have such lovely friends. On Tuesday night at knitting, Mary bought me this..

A lovely little book with more than 70 prominent women giving their critique (am copying from the book… can you tell!) of love, success, family, friendships, relations between the sexes and more… To sum it up, its a nice little book that makes you think and makes you chuckle, the perfect combination. Thank you very much Mary.

and then Noelle came and gave me these..

Which are gorgeous and fit me perfectly. I know they are Pomatomus socks as I’ve looked at that pattern myself and thought it far too difficult for me.. So I am really grateful to have such exquisite socks on my feet. In my delight, I completely forgot to ask Noelle which yarn she used. I’ve remedied this by sending her a quick email, so I should have that answer shortly.. Thank you Noelle for my lovely socks.

Now, if I can just convince somebody, (anybody will do,) to knit me a pair of Bayerische…..well a girl can dream can’t she.

So these lovely little presents cheered me up no end, I am very lucky.

And thank you all for the comments, they made me feel better and it was really nice to have other womens support. Sometimes, you just need that in this harsh world.

Talking about harsh worlds, The Peace Festival is on in at the Pump Room Gardens in Leamington Spa on both Saturday and Sunday. They have a pretty good website if you wish to take a look. I went to the first Peace Festival thirty years ago. I was 12. And I knew I would be in trouble, but you know… I still went. First I went on a CND (campaign for nuclear disarmament) march from the top of The Parade to the bottom. We stopped traffic! (I really got into trouble for that, I can still hear my mother screeching to my father when I told her I’d been on a March.. and then we joined the Peace Festival, which to be honest was a very, very small affair, its good to see how its grown. And then me and my friend (also female, also 12) hitch hiked back home… (we never told her that bit!)

I don’t go every year, I try to, but sometimes life gets in the way. Its good, Go.

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