Only mad dogs, english men and allotmenteers

Go out in the midday sun!

It really is a case of wanting to do the jobs that need doing when the mood takes you, or when you can fit them in with the english weather.

On Monday I suffered a touch of sunburn. I was up the plot by 11 a.m. and finished working (okay there was a bit of loafing drinking bitter shandies involved) by 6. p.m. I try to remember the warnings of my fellow man of which there have been many, dire, dire warnings about covering my bonce with a hat and suncream and I was faithful to that, there is not even a slightly pink glow from the top of my head. There is however a rather radiant patch on my left collar bone which even though its now Wednesday is still emitting enough of a glow to light up a room! Did I forget to apply my sunblock cream carefully stored at the shed of a factor that would mean even the blondest of folks could spend the day sunbathing in the med to the rest of me? Yep, I did.

Fortunately for me, I was wearing a nicely covering tshirt, (I’ve found that the strappy type are not really suitable when bending down and gardening at the allotment, far too many appreciative looks, they might be old, but they are male!!) so the damage is located to a small area.

I’m still not quite used to this global warming, or whatever it is. June for me, well in my memory of it based in England and especially in the Middle of England, is hazy and cloudy and to be honest not very often that warm. On top of that is my propensity to forget that I am blue eyed, freckled, (I do try to hide those and there really aren’t that many) pale skinned to the point that I invariably have to buy foundation in the palest of colours and that my hair colouring is/was chestnut, so therefore quite alot of red in it and that I will burn when the Sun has her first outing. I did the same last April, when the weather went slightly haywire.

Still, it was a good day, apart from the sunburn and I have to say a blister on my right hand, from doing far too much dibbing with a dibber.. I harvested half of the Japanese onions, hubby helped me dig two areas of the plot and then I planted 7 trays of 3 varieties of Leeks.

Hubby was dashing in and out of the plot, as he was the Taxi service for both boys appointments that day. We are on tenterhooks to see whether son no.1 has secured himself an apprenticeship, everything is crossed, I mean everything. Tense times in the Mandycharlie household.

Son no.2 is nearly at the end of his road of wearing orthotics, he may always walk a little like Charlie Chaplin, but he is no longer in any pain and according to the specialist is within the realms of normality. Just one more tweak for a few months and he will most probably not have to wear them, so that is very good news. Although on a lighter note, he commented that this boys feet are very Wide. I’m hoping the 16 yr old will stop growing and stop growing soon, size 11, extremely wide feet do not come cheap, especially when shoes only last teenage boys a matter of weeks. (although we did have a lucky break this year with a certain supermarket that sells extremely cheap clothing.. )

On Tuesday, the sun shone and Mandy hid, still feeling a tad sore. But, there was work to be done, so when the sun eased off early evening off to the plot she did trot, to hoe, hoe, hoe. I really needed to get the weeds out before the promised bout of rain. I hoed nearly the whole plot, hubby watered the spuds in containers, which takes ages as they require such a lot of water and also gave the toms their daily watering along with giving a sprinkle to all the other veg.

I can’t talk about my knitting, it is all secret.. Sssshh..

But this evening, in the time it took for hubby to drive to B & Q, buy what he required, then he side stepped to the office and then drove me home, I knitted another part of it.. Its looking good. 🙂

One thought on “Only mad dogs, english men and allotmenteers

  1. Mary says:

    I sympathise with the sunburn. I got some too, on Sunday – not badly, but my co-workers were affectionately calling me “lobster-girl” on the Monday.I also run into trouble remembering about my cleavage (such as it is). I stand in front of a mirror and apply cream all the way around the neckline of whatever top I’m wearing… while forgetting that Mr Sun is not looking at me like the mirror in front of me, he’s looking down from above, and that, depending on my top and how I’m sitting, sunburn can go right the way down my sternum.


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