A preview of hubbys Cobblestone Jumper

I have almost finished hubby’s Cobblestone Jumper.
It is a little big! In fact it fits all three of my boys even the very sturdy 16 yr old.

Although its big, hubby is very pleased with it.

Lots of questions for the Tuesday night knitters, how to block? Will it grow? Will it shrink? All of the proper woolen jumpers I’ve owned in my life have slowly become smaller over time after a wash. But that might be me and my handwashing skills.

7 thoughts on “A preview of hubbys Cobblestone Jumper

  1. Carie says:

    It looks fantastic – well done! Re the blocking – what happened to your swatch when you washed it? This does suppose that you (a) swatched and (b) washed it. If not, my guess is that it will grow a little if you leave it to soak but you could certainly damp it down with a spray mist and tweak it to be the size you want it to be which would do the trick


  2. mandycharlie says:

    Thanks Carie,Ah, swatching, Rachel and I swatched most carefully, I did not however wash said swatch. Mmmm.I must ask questions about this washing of swatches on Tuesday night.


  3. Mary says:

    hey, congratulations! That looks like a LOT of knitting.I would attempt to talk about washes and swatches but (1) I have no knowledge and (2) I would need a stunt linguist so I think I’ll just watch.


  4. Mad about Craft says:

    Love it!!!I want to do this jumper for the Oh! Bearded One.What yarn did you use and what size did you do? The Oh! Bearded One is a small man and if it comes out big I may have a problem.


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