Raspberries! And a bit of a witter.

I haven’t played very much up at the plot recently, events and the weather and lets face it a high dose of lethargy have all played there part. Hubby has been faithfully watering our tomatoes, its what I like most about being a couple, when one dips a little for whatever reason, hopefully the other takes up the slack.

Son no.1 had very disappointing news earlier in the week, he received a rejection letter from a company who he had dearly hoped to have secured an apprenticeship with. There were 11 candidates, 2 places. To be honest, hubby and I are at our wits end. He has secured a place at a local college for a car mechanics apprenticeship and ALL he has to do is secure an apprenticeship with a local firm. On all the tests he has had, his mathematical and engineering skills stand him in good stead, one lady said she had Never seen such a high grade. But can we secure him an apprenticeship with a local firm, we cannot. He has sent his C.V. which prove he has worked and is a steady employee, has passed his driving test, not the average 16 yr old, plus follow up phone calls to all of the garages, car manufacturers in Kenilworth, Leamington, Warwick and Coventry. Time is running out, he will be 19 next month, 19 is a critical age (apparently) to do with funding. We are about to head further afield.
Dad is on the treadmill again! (3rd time lucky) for his replacement knee operation. He and Mum were at the hospital for nearly four hours last week, (they had lost his records, couldn’t find them and had to wait until our G.P. surgery opened up after lunch before they could get enough information to progress with his tests). Due to the messing around, waiting for xrays, ECG’s, blood tests etc etc, my parents who are both on various medications, several times a day and are both over 70 did not manage to find time to have lunch. Of course they survived, but its not good is it and I know Mum gets terribly stressed by events such as this.

The tests did not go well, there was no one qualified to give full information, But, Dad’s heart is not good. We will find out more tomorrow as he has a cardiologist appointment.

I can see my Dad is in pain, he is in pain constantly, I hate to see him stumble along with the silent (and sometimes not silent) screams in his head, which I see oh so clearly, just to get across a room. Its painful to see him and its painful if I don’t.

Sorry to witter on, its just been a tough week. I’ve always been a sensitive soul. The week started well, (I have a high level of sarcasm, I’m sure its a protective instrument) when I took son no.2 to have coffee at the new to us Starbucks in our local town. It was going well, lovely coffee, nice bit of jazz to listen to, wonderful comfy chairs and an excellent view of our local town, when…

Four women sat behind me and starting to talk quite loudly about hair removal. Nowt wrong with that you might say, I would agree, but I was completely as nature intended, well my nature at least! i.e. bald. And they talked and they wittered about their eyebrows and the difference between waxing and threading and then legs and waxing and shaving and the amount of time between waxing and the pros and cons of other treatments and then other parts were mentioned, which was quite shocking really as my son aged 16 was in full hearing for 25 minutes. Not solidly for 25 minutes, cause you know what us women are like, we chop and change conversations every five minutes or so, but everytime they changed it to their holiday adventures, for some reason it was brought back to hair. Bearing in mind, I am sitting in full view of two of the ladies, I really felt, very, very sad.

It was not good.

I know I’ve got to toughen up and I am trying, but you get days like this and its difficult. This was the same week, (I am so sorry to bore you all) that I was applying my make up, such as it is these days. Foundation is a bit of a problem when your bald, Where do you stop! There is no hairline… LOL I can see the funny side of that, and that laughter makes me, me. But then I’ve learnt and I’ve removed various products out of my make up basket, to lessen any emotional judders that I might experience. When this week, in my happy little world, applying eyeshadow, eyeliner and then, (I have no idea why) I looked for the mascara. And I kept looking, thinking where on earth have I put that.. and still kept looking and then it was like a smack in the face with a wet fish, (well actually the weight of it was more like a wet dog,, ie, wallop)… Yep.. Don’t need mascara.. I was literally stunned by my stupidity and extremely emotional.

I must apologise for my pity party, and lets face it my self induced leakage. I will publish this, (normally I don’t) but sometimes you need to let just a little bit out.

So hubby dragged me up the plot today to pick things. Which is the best bit. And I felt a little better.

And we picked these..

and these

and then rain stopped play, heavy bouts, which stopped us picking blackcurrants.

3 thoughts on “Raspberries! And a bit of a witter.

  1. mandycharlie says:

    Mad about Craft, I can’t remember if we are in the third or fourth loop of a planned operation, the last one was cancelled due to his pneumonia. Fingers crossed for your Dad too. Throws like a girl, you did make me smile. Thank you for that. When you get your eyelashes back, because you will, I’ll send you some gorgeous Lancome, Definicils in Black, it makes you look like a silver screen goddess from the fifties, absolutely beautiful it is.


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