Happy 19th to our darling son.

Its our beautiful first born sons 19th birthday today. Doesn’t time fly! He has spent it with friends at The Motor show in London, which from various mobile phone conversations, he has thoroughly enjoyed. I’m hoping to spend some time with him tomorrow, although as he has gone public about his new girlfriend, who is lovely, I now have (and quite properly so) competition for his affections.

What a scorcher today was. The weather person has been promising me (I take this very personally!) rain since Friday. The plot is very dry and we are desperate for a good downpour. Which as it happens is promised on Tuesday.

Fingers Crossed.

We harvested the shallots today, along with the first of the runner beans, and some very nice looking beetroot. We ate the first of our courgettes yesterday which were very tasty and our tomatoes are just starting to ripen. We were given two lovely globe artichokes which made a fine addition to this evenings meal and I also have some french beans just coming to perfection which will be part of tomorrows supper.

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