Pesky insect.

On Sunday at the plot I was bitten by an insect on my leg. I didn’t think anything off it, later that night I take a couple of ibuprofen as I’ve found in the past that they can bring swelling from insect bites down and carry on.

Come Monday, there is a continous but very small stream of clear serum trickling down my leg. I look at the bump again, decide it is getting bigger but soon my body would take care of things..

Very early Tuesday morning, about 3 a.m. I’m woken because the bite is now starting to feel quite painful and is enough of a worry that action must be taken. I pad downstairs and look at my leg. “Oh, right!” I think. The area is now an infected, rock hard and becoming rather egg like in a Four to Five inch circle, the streaming of gunk has increased and I realise that there is a tiny black area right in the middle. It must be a body part of the insect left in it.

Hubby pads downstairs at 6 a.m. and looks at me in slightly worried tones. “My leg hurts”, I tell him. He looks, then dismantles a pair of binoculars to get at the eyepiece and looks again and tells me that there does look like there is something left in it. I scrub up and try to remove the offending body part. I succeed.

I sleep alot on Tuesday and last night I slept for a solid 13 hours. Which even for me who likes her bed is unheard off. I feel much better for it, the area is now soft again, the infected area is only an inch across and the scab is dry.

It must be the weekend for insect bites, two of hubby’s colleagues have suffered from insect bites this weekend, one of which, his leg has swelled so much he was unable to use it and has ended up in hospital!

4 thoughts on “Pesky insect.

  1. Ali says:

    oh poor you. I hope you are feeling alot better now. Fingers crossed I have been ok so far. I think I will wear long trousers and long sleeved t shirts down the lotty from now on, but that could be hard in this weather!Ali


  2. amelia says:

    I’m English living in the Northern Canadian bush and get bitten a lot. My husban always says that the bugs here like the British blood!!Hope you feel better soon and I love the posts about your allotment!


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