Tuesday’s Dinner.

As it stopped raining for a couple of hours this afternoon, I headed up to the plot to see how things were. The runner beans and french beans had come on in abundance, so I picked these. I noticed the potatoes were suffering from blight so removed the haulms and emptied out the worst affected which proved to be Red Duke of York.

I always find harvesting potatoes very exciting as you never know just what to expect and when these brilliant crimson jewels revealed themselves from their surrounding compost, I became giddy with excitement.

I then harvested one of our cabbages, it all made a fine dinner for Tuesday. Whilst preparing dinner I blanched five pound of runner beans before heading off to knitting.

One thought on “Tuesday’s Dinner.

  1. Carie says:

    Wow – you have been productive – my fingers are only green to the extent of one small tomato on my cherry tomato plant so I’m wildly impressed with what you grow and your inventive recipes


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