Miserable Weather

I am so tired of this weather. Giddy with a new plan that came to me in the middle of the night for winter carrots.. (watch this space) I’m up, Okay, not dressed but up and… Its raining… again!

I remember the summers as a child and my most abiding memory is that summers were Bright and that they were Blue. Not the dark, damp, Grey days we seem to currently have. Mind you, we did have some excellent winters then too.

Personally, I’m praying for a good, harsh winter (for at least a few days) this year for many reasons. Firstly it would do the plot good as the cold is a good cleanser against molds, bugs etc and secondly it will give me the opportunity to wear my beautiful, hand knitted by me, exceedingly warm cardigan that I have just started the arms to. Photo’s will follow.

2 thoughts on “Miserable Weather

  1. Mad about Craft says:

    I’m sick of this weather too!! I’m sure the sun shined much more when I was a child, in fact I’m sure it shined more when my own children were little!! – and this damp weather is playing havoc with my joints.


  2. mandycharlie says:

    I’m sure that the weather was so much better when my children were small too. We seemed to spend several days a week just picnicking, paddling in brooks or searching for wildlife (of the very small variety) in local woods and my memory of those days are, it was hot, we needed to take plenty of drinks and that they were Blue.And talking about damp weather, I agree, my left hip has been giving me gyp for the last few days. Hubby even had to help me put my left walking boot on as I couldn’t bend at the appropriate place to get it on. And I’m only a young ‘un. 🙂


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