A certain Irony,

In so many ways,

Remember me, the girl without hair, … Well.. she has a rather large cyst, in a rather delicate region… which apparently… is caused by hair growth.. how me and my doctor did laugh when I whipped off my wig. (my doctor who was lovely, had not noticed).

Which is why, I delicately perched and ooh and arrahed and said it was my back on Tuesday night knitters..

There is a certain irony that I have not a hair on my body, yet one of the little upstarts causes this much grief.

A weeks worth of antibiotic’s have been prescribed.

My fingers, toes and knitting are crossed.

5 thoughts on “A certain Irony,

  1. Throws Like A Girl says:

    oh, so sorry 😦 Uck. Sometimes life’s sense of humor needs some serious overhauling. My hair on my head is growing back – but I’m still losing eyelashes and eyebrows. So now I look like a character from Star Trek.


  2. Ali says:

    If you mean you have a hair where I think you mean – down there you know where – I had one too – it turned out to be a cyst that got infected, so after much pain and walking like John Wayne, it was operated on! To add insult to injury, after my stitches came out, the wound re-opened and that got infected and I ended up with a 5 inch smile from you know where back to front! Had to be dressed daily – so you take care and take your antibiotics to the full so this doesn’t happen to you!


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