Thank you and the boy did good.

Thank you all so much for your lovely messages, they made me smile. No improvement as yet, but its early days.

Son no.2’s GCSE results today, as the financial incentive I had put forward was heavily weighted towards achieving A’s, I’m not actually bankrupt. We are still waiting for one result and are not sure why it was not included. So far, he has 2 A’s, 4 B’s, 3 C’s and an E (in a subject he detested) We are all very happy with that, its a nice result for a boy that is bright enough that he feels he doesn’t Have to work. Oh, how his teachers and I disagree..

I wandered up the plot earlier today to water the tomatoes, to find disaster had struck. The tomatoes well and truly had blight. Which doesn’t surprise me as we seem to have been in a Smith Period for most of the summer. As much as I hate to spray there is no choice, its either that or lose a years work, hubby has sprayed them for me this evening.

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