Tartan Scarf.

Many moons ago, my knitting friend Carie who is a knitting genius and most recently a medal winner of the Ravelympic event organised by Ravelry made a beautiful, beautiful scarf from an original pattern, called Tartan Scarf, designed by my friend Anna who owns Web of Wool. and published by Rowan. (book 42 if you would like the pattern) I longed for such a beautiful scarf, but at that time, I knew it was beyond my newly established knitting skills. The memory of that beautiful, beautiful scarf never left me though and I knew I would try and knit it as soon as I felt competent enough.

At Tuesday night knitters, Rachel (who is a guru on colour) and I went on a colour party, it was great fun. My original thought was to stick to my colour palate of reds, browns and greens, but although we had every ball of the correct wool for the scarf scattered around in Anna’s window display, we could not (to our satisfaction) make the colours work. When, Rachel spied a certain colour combination that made her squeal (quite literally!) with delight. The colour combination is truly beautiful and one that will make an excellent and very fine alternative to the stable of red, brown and pink scarfs I have already knitted. The delicate background is Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Trance 582, with two stripes of Rowan Tapestry in Moorland 175 and the horizontal lines are in Tapestry Lakeland 180.

I seem to get myself tangled up on nearly every row and I’m not sure If I’m meant to be tracking back (in some way) the wool that makes the horizontal lines or if you do in fact cut them and have to darn them in, but as you can see I am making good progress on it.

One thought on “Tartan Scarf.

  1. Carie says:

    It’s BEAUTIFUL!! I love the colour combinations. Mine was Whirlpool, Lakeland and heavenly KSH which was just a little lighter than the trance. You are quite likely to have enough left over to make a hat so I recommend the Palindrome pattern on Ravelry. I made one for both husband and sister last Christmas and they’re great. Also, careful examination of my photos suggests I cut and wove in rather than carried the tapestry up the side. Remind me to show you how to weave in as you go.


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