Wigs, Stage 1.

Such a glamorous girl!

This is stage 1, which is a fitting for the base. This is the only base that the NHS will pay for, there are others, much nicer others, which would be softer on my head so therefore more comfortable, but they don’t last as long. This will hopefully last two to three years.

As you can see the base needs more work, but this is the starting point before the girls that sew the bases get to work with my measurements.

I have to ring the appliance department at my hospital to see whether they will allow me to have a longer length of hair, even though I will pay for the extra length which will amount to £250.00 plus VAT (times this by two as I’m ordering two wigs) they may still say No.. and then I will only be allowed 13 inches, which you have to allow 1.5 inches for turnover at the wig, which will then mean the hair is only 11.5 inches long, which compared to how I used to wear my hair is very short.

So, as I have to pay £250.00 for each wig on a NHS prescription, my total bill will be £1087.50 (if my maths is correct) Which to be honest, we could have a good holiday with. You’d think there would be a way of claiming back the tax on your hard earned pennies, wouldn’t you.

I find it all very tedious. It really wasn’t what I wished to be doing with my lovely hubby on a dry day in September.

Back to the knitting for a little zen like, deep breathing moment.

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