Stained Glass 1st Lesson.

Hubby and I trotted over to Warwickshire College yesterday evening for our beginners lesson on making stained glass windows. After registration, the usual safety, fire drills and signing your life away to say you have read the safety procedure booklet and the part where you introduce yourself.. (I’m Mandy and I knit socks) There are some seriously arty people in this group, from registered silver smiths, people with art degrees, and others working in several mediums, oil painting/wood/ceramics/jewellery. Eeek! Then there were others much like ourselves who wanted to explore the world of stained glass.

We were introduced to the equipment and shown how to cut glass, how to snap glass along where you had scored with tools and for small pieces with our thumbs and were then sent away for a little practice session.

Curvy Glass, Impressed eh??!!

Then there was more information about where to buy and who was the best supplier of glass for stained glass windows. Who Knew… that there are outfits selling just pretty, pretty glass, simple kits etc, one chap turned to me and said.. and at this my heart sang.. “Its much like a wool shop, but with glass” and then when I must have grinned like a cheshire cat, he said, “You’ll soon find your stash getting bigger” I giggled. Am I that transparent? Can others see that I am already on the dark side?

One thought on “Stained Glass 1st Lesson.

  1. Carie says:

    Your curvy glass is very cool – and yes, you have beent empted to the darkside – if you could expand the glass work into lampwork beads you could put them on your knitting!


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