A very enjoyable weekend.

Some people go to exotic places for the weekend, staying in lovely hotels, enjoying the sites and cuisine that the area has to offer, me, well I’m happiest at the plot. I know that this doesn’t make me the most exciting person on the planet, but, what you see is what you get.

The one big job that I wanted to sort out this weekend was the tidying up of ‘my’ shed. It had during the course of the summer become a bit of a dumping ground for hubby’s tools and as he has far too many sheds that even a grown man should want.. or need, it was time to take control. The shed was emptied, this took quite a while, whilst everything was deposited outside the shed the clouds gathered and turned a rather angry shade of grey and I thought to myself,,, ‘oops’ but it was okay, there was enough of a wind to send them on there merry way. Cobwebs were dusted away, shelves brushed clean and floors swept and then my imaginary master plan put into practice. I’m happy with how it has turned out, which means my blog readers that I am ready for winter and spring, and the serious amount of work that I do in this shed come January onwards, peaking in March.

Did I mention that the estate car was full of his ‘things’ It really is only a small shed, no wonder I couldn’t get into it!

I tidied up the brussel sprouts. Its all right for you blog readers that are sat in the comfort of your chair at home, but this, this, took me hours. I pulled off yellow leaves, raked the ground, came back the next day and hoed the ground, to be honest its a large area and you have to be delicate about things otherwise you might risk damaging the plants and that would never do.

Am I pleased, abso bleeding lootly. There are three varieties here, two of which are F1’s and the other is an old fashioned variety. I was testing things out this year. The F1’s are fine, standing well, buttons are tight, not too tall for the wind to damage them, the old fashioned variety, well, practically every button has blown. Actually its worse than that, because the buttons are blowing before they are even formed!. Its all on the same ground, had exactly the same care.. Its been a good test, paying twice the amount for a seed packet for F1’s is worth it.

Hubby on the other hand has been busy with this, it might not seem much to you, but to me, well I am giddy with excitement. I have been whinging for a trailer load of muck for over a year, but until hubby had time to make this, I’ve had to wait, supplementing my longing with a few bags of well rotted muck. What I needed was a trailer full and when one of the allotment holders put a notice up to announce that her friend who does not use hormonal weed killers had muck to spare, I was first in the queue. Which meant that hubby had to get to work, I know the posts are sturdy as they are a nearly three feet deep.

Do you like the gate? I do. Later after photographs were taken hubby fixed chicken wire to the gaps so not only are we Charlie proof to keep said gun dog in, we are rabbit proof (at long last) to keep the little vegetable munching blighters out. It might also help with foxes, having unwittingly trod in some rather smelly poo this week on my plot, left by our red furred friends, I’d rather not go through that again. Its one thing to squirt tomato ketchup on a dog that has taken to rolling around in the fields, (it neutralises the stink) but quite another to contemplate wandering down to the shops to buy a bottle to squirt at a stinky deposit.

Whilst hubby was clearing a patch of ground I had time to think about my feathered friends. This year I have put the bird feeder even closer to my ‘hide’.. okay my shed. I do love the birds, they are the best bit of sitting in a cold and draughty shed in the middle of winter whilst planting seeds for the coming year.

and then, this is horseradish, I have permission from an old boy that I can take as much as I would like. He started with three horseradish plants and has a double plot, so about 18ft by 6ft of the stuff. Let that be a lesson, horseradish needs containing. I shall just scrape it and grate a little bit just to add a bit of umph to the commercially bought jar.

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