Is the sun over the yardarm?

It most definitely is.

Hubby at my request bought me one of these which came this weekend, I’ve been wanting one for a while. I have been looking at ebay as these wonderful contraptions were no longer being made and only antiquated versions were available, originally known as a Wolf Terrex spade. So I was a bit nervous about buying one and being able to get the spare parts. When, a fellow allotment holder tipped me off that the license had been bought and they were back in production. Well, I sprinted.. (metaphorically, perhaps it was a reasonable trot) logged in, looked at the backsaver with a deep and utter longing. Such a deep and utter longing had only previously been recorded in my brain for gorgeous, gorgeous wool and asked for permission to buy one. Permission was granted and before you could say ‘my god you stupid woman that means you’ll be doing all the digging’ the credit card number was handed over.

It came and was duly taken to the plot, just at that point, a fellow allotmenteer who was organising my muck delivery came up to the plot, she has an original which stands her in very good service and we admired my shiny new tool together. It was a beautiful moment. I dug over where the strawberries were and it worked.

Today, I cleared out a rough area along with my cabbage patch. This involved scraping the ground clear of what was fast becoming a rather long lawn and digging a trench to start with, (you need a trench so that the backsaver can flick the earth) which nearly caused a hernia when I tried to move the earth down to the other end in a wheelbarrow, the earth being used to fill in the gap at that end. I soon learnt to put less earth in the wheelbarrow.

And I dug and I dug and I dug, stopped drank coffee and then I dug some more. Until I had done it all.

Am I seriously impressed with this tool? I am. Do I realise that I Will be doing all of the digging? I do. Do I care? I do not.

And the last of the summer cabbages, I at the time did not have room for winter versions. I think I’ll pickle the last red one for Christmas. The other cabbages will be eaten as salad, some will be cooked and a couple will be blanched and frozen. I’ve not tried blanching cabbages before but I have noticed them in the frozen vegetable section so it must be do able.

So, back to the drinking, I’m currently drinking a G & T, the bathwater is heating and starting to call to me and my jim jams and woolly socks are in easy reach. And then, I have to cook tea. Anyone fancy being my Mary Poppins.

So in a nutshell I will not be at knitting, I will be de gunking.

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