A Trip Out.

I live in a very quiet town in Warwickshire which I love, but there are times in the year that I love to try new things. Sometimes new things come to you in mysterious ways, one of which was reading Knitted Bears blog last year when she told us about the German Market in Birmingham, which from her photo’s looked wonderful and on further investigation I loved. The atmosphere, the lights, the stalls selling pretty things, and the smell of buttercake, lets not forget the mugs of hot cherry brandy. I have been without gluten for a year so at that time could not partake of the butter cake but the memory never left me. (The smell of different foods can instantly transport me to time and place).

Hubby has been a rather busy bee at work, I’ve hardly seen him for months apart from to direct him to where his wrinkled up supper is before he drifts off to bed, (a fifteen minute conversation between the two of us, per day is not unusual) so when he came home early yesterday just to take me out, I was quite surprised.

We parked at the Bullring and walked along New Street until we came to this. We knew we had arrived at the right place.

We quickly found a stall selling buttercake and had a very large slice each… Oh it was devine..

Then I found a stall selling slipppers, hubby carried on walking whilst I gawped at the sheepskin slippers. Anything to do with the comfort of feet grabs my attention, hubby came wandering back and must have been feeling in a rather generous mood, (I put that down to the buttercake!)

and bought me a pair.

One thought on “A Trip Out.

  1. Loopylu says:

    Oh they have a lovely German market in Chester in the run up to Christmas! I try to avoid the centre of town mostly when the mad shopper tourists just want to get what they want and will mow you over if you stop them, but the German market is amazing. Not sure if it’s just German or if it’s an international market. It might even be that we have both, but i think you would love it you know. Talk soonx


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