Just in Time

As the temperature has already dropped to just below zero degrees Celsius this evening. I am very glad I have just finished my snugly hot water bottle.

This is the best photo I can get in the dark, the colour is about right, but as the shutter speed was one second, without getting the tripod out this is the best I can do. This involved perching on the floor and using the arm of the sofa as a solid wall to balance the camera on, except its not really solid is it, its stuffed and just that little bit of movement threw things out a little.

The yarn is Lamb’s Pride worsted by Brown Sheep Company in Mulberry which is 85% wool and 15% mohair and I used 5 mm needles. The pattern is BAWK (Bottleneck Avenger Who’s Knit) which is also known as Rachael’s Hot Water Bottle Cozy which I found on Ravelry.

Oh, and I love it.

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