Christmas socks and hubby’s scarf.

I’m still suffering from a miserable headache, although I am going to venture out in a little while to see if that will clear things. I will be well wrapped up, especially my head.

I thought you would like to see all of these together. My Christmas knitting, 9 pairs! All of the wool came from Web of Wool, Anna has such a lovely choice, you can literally get lost for days in her shop.

I have just photographed hubby’s scarf so he can wear it. I made this from Toft Alpaca in a Grey DK, it took 2 balls and it is lovely and soft. Kerry has some gorgeous items in her shop, its certainly worth a trip out if only to see the Alpaca’s. The stitch comprises of casting on a multiple of 3 stitches and then knit 2 purl 1. What happens is that you get nice columns which slightly pleat and look Very smart and its completely reversible.

2 thoughts on “Christmas socks and hubby’s scarf.

  1. Stasher says:

    Thanks for details of the farm, its wonderful to have yarn with so few miles! Someone told me that they had seen alpaccas a little further down Rouncil Lane, near the ford.


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