Christmas puddings.

If I’m going to make Christmas puddings I always make them in November. Sometimes, (look away Delia) I buy a ready made shop version, it really does depend on my mood and inclination.

Mostly I’ve made more than I’ve bought. Some years when the boys and hubby have taken a shine to them, I’ve made seven or eight, as they’ve been eaten nearly as soon as they have been made.

I follow Delia’s recipe for Christmas puds, Delia was my guiding light on how to cook when I first got married, her recipes always seem to work out and she doesn’t seem to have any odd taste buds that match up slightly weird items. Just plain, simple, tasty cooking. And the other reason that I continue to use Delia’s recipe, is that it is simply gorgeous, so why mess around trying other chefs recipes when you have the most perfect recipe to hand.

I use my preserving pan to mix the ingredients in. Personally I think making Christmas puddings is far easier work than making the Christmas cake. My muscles really get a work out mixing the cake up, its far easier to assemble the ingredients for the pud and give it a mix.

Two 2lb pudding basins filled to the brim.

Ready for eight hours of steaming.

I would just like to say, thank you for not leaving too many rude comments whilst I underwent the marathon of NaNoBloMo. Today, is the last day. (thank goodness!) Will I be doing this again? I very much doubt it, although I might. I enjoyed Having to fill my day with something that I could blog about. So in that respect it was good. But then spending as much time as I have in front of the computer, that’s not so good. Overall it was enjoyable in a ‘eating one chocolate bar is enjoyable’, but nearly side tracked into the ‘but not if you continue to eat the family pack!’.

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