There was the morning walk up to the plot,

followed by the picking of brussel sprouts.

and parsnips.

A quick peek at my micro lettuces which is very posh grub. I’m quite pleased with them and will start to crop them shortly.

My gorgeous boys.

(note: some of us dress for lunch and some don’t!)

Lucy joined us for dessert. (well we managed to force a spoonful inside her!)

And, there was socks!

I was trying to finish Lucy’s scarf and hat before she went back to Uni today, but I failed. Sorry Lucy, I was up until one this morning but couldn’t quite muster the energy for the final sprint. However, son no.1 will be joining her for New Year, so, I will have it finished by then and be able to tuck them into his rucksack. It is the Amanda Hat in Manos del Uruguay, Wool Clasica. Colourway 7458. Knitted up on 5.5 mm needles and I’ve added 4 stitches to the hat pattern. I’ve managed to convert this pattern into one that can be knitted on straight needles and have knit up a matching scarf for her, which I am very pleased with.

I am also very pleased that it will fit. I have a two Amanda hats that I have yet to blog about (I was knitting them for fit for me) and I asked Lucy if she liked the larger of the two, her response was that she didn’t like hats, but she tried it on anyway and immediately fell hook, line and sinker for it. Whilst looking at the hat on her head in the mirror and I have to say Lucy was visibly swooning, Lucy told me that she didn’t normally like hats as they didn’t fit her as she has a large head. “And me” I cried. I quickly whipped out a tape measure and measured Lucy’s head and.. we both have exactly the same enormous sized heads, 23″ .

As I know exactly how frustrating it can be to find a ladies hat that will fit my head in the shops I knew precisely why Lucy had said she didn’t like hats and could see how much she loved this hat. So I quickly found some Manos on the net in the colour that Lucy loved and started to knit as soon as it arrived. I really love this yarn, its so soft and so comfortable, it doesn’t itch or scratch me and its just so very, very pretty.

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