Charlie loves Lucy.

Charlie loves Lucy, he does.

He has up until now been a loyal and constant companion for over nine years but since Lucy has become a regular visitor, Charlie has been seen sidling up to her whilst at the same time giving me guilty looks. He does make a good pretence of still loving me whole heartedly, and at the start of the evening there is the warmth of a woolly Golden Retriever to keep my toes warm on a cold night. However if Lucy should happen to call by, slowly my feet start to feel the cold as a Golden Retriever half inches his way on his belly towards where Lucy is sitting, whilst at the same time looking deeply into her eyes with a really soppy look on his face.

It makes us all giggle, he’s got it bad.

So, just for Lucy, may I present your hat and scarf set. (you may have to pick the odd blonde hair out!)

One thought on “Charlie loves Lucy.

  1. Loopylu says:

    oh my word that is the most amazing picture i have ever seen of my most favouritist dog ever! I know he loves me, the little hussy!!! hee hee hee. Miss all of you already! Isn’t he such a poser! I so loved it when u made him bark when you said my name lol. Plus, that christmas cuddle he gave me i have yet to get the hairs out of my tights lol! The hat and scarf look amazing, thank you so much, i shall put pics of me wearing them on my blog! Love you allxxx


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