London Bridge is falling down, falling down, fal…

On Friday afternoon, whilst still recovering from our trip on Wednesday, hubby asked me if I would like to go back to London tomorrow. A very quick assessment of our aching muscles and before you could say ‘whats the weather like tomorrow?’ we were booking tickets for our next adventure. Later whilst checking the met office we commented that we might need our umbrella but fortunately for us the weather system blew in over night and we had a clear day, we arrived home 10 minutes before the second front came in and fell asleep listening to a gale beginning to blow.

We arrived in London very early and were able to travel down to see the acclaimed Borough Market, I was so glad we were able to fit this in. Firstly because from London Bridge you get a wonderful view of Tower Bridge with HMS Belfast moored in the foreground.

And secondly the produce is absolutely wonderful. Such variety, so fresh.
Lovely lettuces.

Several brace of game birds.

A nice display of vegetables including Brussel Tops. These are very unusual to find for two reasons, firstly because pigeons are rather partial to brussel tops so they are damaged and therefore not saleable, (although would still be delicious) secondly because most people don’t realise that brussel tops can make a lovely vegetable in its own right and they are simply thrown away.

Mushrooms, what can I say, apart from Wow.

There were so many stalls, the fish stalls were amazing! We saw and tasted so many cheeses that we had never seen or heard of. We hope to go back soon.

Then we went to Harrods, its been over twenty years since we last saw this wonderful store and I have to say that we were very disappointed. I know a store never looks its best at sale time but this store has deteriorated so much in that time. It was scruffy and dirty, the hand basins in the ladies cloakroom were chipped and dirty, not just one, several of them. What was once a beautiful store where there were many wonderful things to see and had a similar feel inside as Fortnum & Mason has allowed itself to become something that panders to the mass market; Krispy Kreme anyone?!

I would go on about selling pets in store, but I see that this has been covered in various locations on the net. I will say that we were horrified and wondered what checks were in place to see if the buyer would make a suitable owner.

Onwards to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

We spent about four hours here we would have spent longer but they were closing. We saw the Magnificence of the Tsars and then tried to fit in all of the rooms on the floors. I’m sure there are areas that we missed, its just huge!

We had tea in the lavishly decorated Morris, Gamble and Poynter rooms of which I found a table in the Poynter room which was incredible. I could easily spend many more hours looking around this museum and hope to do so some time in the future. Its eclectic mix reminds me of the Burrell Collection in Glasgow but whilst the Burrell is housed in a new build this collection is worth visiting just for the awe inspiring beauty of the building alone.

I saw these buttons and just had to have them.

Heading back to Piccadilly we hit rush hour which I presume was busier than normal as 5 or 6 lines were down for maintenance, there is a part of me that really doesn’t like crowds. When you see that the escalator to the tube you wish to go on is full and there is a queue of a hundred yards just to get on the escalator you know that have a problem. I stopped and refused to budge. I was not going to go any further and we walked back to the surface and found the nearest bus stop, so panic averted.

We wandered through the Chinese quarter and stopped for dinner there and then all too soon it was time to go home.

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