My hat jag.

My addictive personality has once again found its mark and is happily ensconced in a knitting of hats jag. As much as I try to budge the dreams of hats in wonderful colours and various stitches I am only partly successful and then only to knit a matching scarf.

So when I finished the purple scarf to match its hat on Saturday I gave myself permission to breathe a little sigh of relief and although I knew I should be fishing out an unfinished project most notably the ‘I must finish my cardigan-yeah right!’ which would after all be worn and keep me warm, so would be a sensible choice. I side tracked myself to the site that is known as Ravelry. Hawthorne had just been published and sang so very loudly to the part of my brain that is currently addicted to hats, before I knew where I was I had searched out some Manos Silk, found suitable needles and cast on. Which when you really think about things, I never thought I would ever live in a world where a pattern was published in New Jersey in America and a girl living in rural Warwickshire in the UK would be casting on moments later.

Edited to add.

I forgot to mention that I am knitting this hat using the chart which is a completely new experience for me.

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