Stormy Weather.

I was woken this morning with a vast electrical storm playing its merry tune above my head. The like of which I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. Sensibly or not, I stayed in bed with a nice hot cup of tea provided by my lovely husband.

The one thing I have noticed since starting to knit, is that I stay warmer. Which was the plan, that I should stay warmer but I hadn’t realised just how much I would come to love my woollies.

Later on I decided to walk up to town which is the first time I have entertained such a thought since my operation. I knew even though I was walking (at a snails pace) I would need my winter woollies today. I donned scarf, hat, gloves, cardigan, ( and coat) and socks and had a very enjoyable walk. Okay it was slow, but that gave me more time to appreciate how wonderfully warm my woollies were keeping me and how spring was sprung. I love the spring flowers, they always seem to look so perfect and vibrant against there often bleak background.

One pot of tulips are displaying beautifully at the moment, I’m so glad the storm didn’t batter them to the ground.

I finished my Show-off Stranded Socks, which is the perfect pattern for a short row variegated sock yarn. I love the way the stitch highlights the yarn, its lovely. This is a Fyberspates Sock yarn, I have no idea what though.

But it is very pretty.

And then I finished a hat, well actually I found it. I finished it ages ago, then lost it, and found it yesterday. Its shocking the admissions that this blogger makes about her housekeeping abilities. So I quickly photographed it, before I lost it again. Its Hawthorne by Tanis Gray, knit up in Manos del Uruguay Manos Silk Blend. Its a lovely pattern and not nearly as complicated as it looks.
Hat with flash.

and without.

and last but by no means least.

This arrived yesterday, drum roll…..


Yes, my very first Wollmeise Lace, (not that I’m an addict or anything. – yeah right!)

Its called Terra di Siena. Which according to the translation on the Wollmeise site means Earth of Siena (Italian)

Laying there like a hussy,

I’m not saying I mugged my husband and forced him under duress to help me wind this into cakes as soon as he walked through the door when he finished work.

But it was a pretty close thing!

So refreshed from my walk, I shall sit down with a lovely cup of tea and work on the lace pattern called Kiri, I’m not sure about gauge or what I’m looking for yet, as this is my first lace, but I’ll know it when I find it.

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