Baaaa, Baaaaa.

Being at a loose end, hubby and I decided to take a little trip down the lane to look at the spring lambs bouncing in the fields. Although the light was fading I grabbed my camera just as we went out the door, if I told you were we in house slippers would you believe me. Well we were, this becomes relevant.

Travelling down the lane we were slightly giddy, we are the kind of folk that will just dash off to see the sights around here, whether its spring lambs, the blue bells in the woods or shooting stars, it gives us the greatest of pleasure.

When, just as we were approaching the field of lambs that we were heading for, we could clearly see a dark object bouncing around the wrong side of the fence and a fully grown sheep the right side of the fence that was clearly in distress, calling very loudly.

“Oh no, one’s got out!” eloquent as always I am.

Hubby quickly stopped the car and we both jumped out, I still had my camera in my hand.

Wading through knee high stinging nettles (in slippers) we very quickly cornered the lamb, one photo later, (look at those ears!) and hubby carefully lowered the lamb over the fence.. Your heart is in your throat when your doing things such as this, just in case the lamb dashes into the road and a car is coming. But what choice do you have, if you leave it there, its likely to come to harm one way or another.

Mum quickly called her lamb to her and off they trotted, looking the picture of contentment.

When, from out the blue, gamboling towards mum, there was two!

All say aaaaah..

Edited to add, we then found the hole in the fence, called one of the farms we know who my father used to work for and the farmer will be telling the owner of the sheep tomorrow and just where the weakness is in the fencing..

3 thoughts on “Baaaa, Baaaaa.

  1. amelia says:

    Wonderful, but it’s too bad that they’ll end up on someones dinner table!!They are so adorable I just don’t know how anyone can eat them. As a child I could never eat a dead animal and it stayed with me, I’m 61 now and sometimes I think it’s a curse!!!


  2. Steel says:

    Well done! We had a lamb breakout in the field at the back of our garden a couple of weeks ago – except it was the farmer who forgot to shut the gate when he came into feed them. Cue 30-odd lambs making a break for freedom and the whole neighbourhood out in force to round them up off the road and back in. Great fun!!


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