Half way and other witterings..

I think one of the worst things as a grown up mum of two that I have experienced, apart from when medical people are called in to play are exams. Its such a tricky arena to walk through. I’m of the school, perhaps through experience, that I say as little as possible whilst gently cajoling a child, sometimes just to see what that child is or isn’t thinking or doing.

Egg shells, yep, lots.

I think we are surviving, or should I say I am. Just.

I have respite care, half term, and then it starts again, think of me won’t you.

Boy no.2 seems oblivious to this, which is a good thing.

I don’t have photo’s this weekend, which makes things quite dull, sorry about that.

The plot is looking fabulous, even if I do say so myself. Hubby has done a wonderful job at keeping up with plot 1 and getting to grips with plot 2. He saw the blue tits in the birdbox at the plot fledge in the early morning one day last week, I would love to have seen that. We have cleaned out the birdbox, to discover that all of them had fledged, which was a huge sigh of relief from me as we had disturbed them earlier. Perhaps we can entice another late breeding pair in, last year we managed to do that, it would be nice.

We walked to the Abbey Fields this weekend to feed the ducks. I love ducks, I do, they amuse me. Whilst watching the ducks play silly beggars, the main game the youngsters were playing was how far can they swim underwater, (its so much further than you think!) we spotted a Heron looking for fish at the other side of the lake, we were quite mesmerized. Just when our attention was taken away by a friendly rather nice looking spaniel the Heron disappeared. We looked and we looked and said to each other that it must be in the reeds. And we kept looking but to no avail. Soon it was time to go and we gently walked back towards home along the lake, only to find, the Heron, sat on the ‘No Fishing’ sign, which is placed in the lake. If ever there was a moment, when you wished you had your camera on you, this was it. Hubby took a photo on his mobile, which is why there are no photo’s on this blog post. Both are of us are completely inept at blue tooth and are waiting for son no.1 to come home..

Getting back to the plot, its very difficult to talk about the wonders that are going on without the benefit of a photograph. I planted our courgette plants out today, they had the tiniest of bright yellow courgettes on them, that must have been all of 3mm long, they were exquisite.

There is so much going on down there, you know I love it so, and I shall share with photo’s.

But there is one momentous occasion that I wish to share with you all.

Today, I did a little bit of Digging..

I can’t say, I dug and I dug and I dug, because that would be a lie.

But I did Dig..

And for that I am very grateful.

One thought on “Half way and other witterings..

  1. dee says:

    Courgettes already *sigh* it will be a while before i see any.. Im so behind with my veggies this year. Mine were only sown a couple of weeks back..


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