The end of May.

Its the end of May, already! Where do the days go.

I like this time of year very much, just before it gets unbearably hot and dry when I’m always at the plot watering, (although I did spend two hours just watering this evening) and there is still so much young and vibrant growth.

These are a few of our treats for this year. The list could go on and on and on, you would really be surprised just how much I can cram into a plot or two.

Our chives are in flower, such a pretty addition to a salad. (or sometimes just to pick and munch if you feel like it)

Our lettuces are coming along, I have lettuces at all stages of growth to try and keep us in salad all summer. These are Little Gem,

and these are an Iceburg called Blue Lake.

A visit from the allotment cat. I have no idea if this cat does have a home, it certainly acts as if its feral and I’ve never got near enough to see if its a boy or a girl, but if female (which I think she is) I think she’s been spayed as I’ve never seen her pregnant. She’s as fit as a flea, can jump a five foot fence from a standing start, without her paws touching the fence, and she’s a fantastic little hunter, often to be seen keeping the rabbit population down.

The spuds are coming along nicely,

and no blog post would be complete with out a picture of my peas.

The strawberries show great promise,

with one strawberry just about to ripen.

Sweetcorn are being planted.

And a visit from a bird hunting.

Do you remember I grew globe artichokes from seed last year, they are beginning to flower.

Raspberries are forming.

Tiny little courgettes.

And hasn’t my cherry tree done well for its first year.

And this little dicky bird was singing with such passion this evening, I thought I would try to record it for you. The microphone picks up the cars on the bypass (or as my sons and hubby have said since seeing this it sounds like wind) which my brain filters out and I never notice. (I’m sure they are not that loud) I can’t bring you smelly or taste vision but I can bring you this, a Blackbird in full song.

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