Ravelry Day 2009

I awoke very early on Saturday morning to find that it was still raining very heavily. I’ve had some of my best adventures in the rain so this didn’t deter me in the slightest, I was more than just a little giddy so a little drop of rain wasn’t going to dampen my spirits. After a false start or two we were off, I completely forgot my camera, which was so annoying when I eventually remembered that I’d forgotten it. There are plenty of photographs on the net of knitters laden down with shopping, stopping to chat in the pouring rain. I not sure that we even noticed it. Its only when you look at the photographs that you realise quite how damp things were.

First port of call was the outside shopping, so much to choose, so many lovely sock yarns. I bought from Babylonglegs, Old Maiden Aunt, Artists Palette and The Knitting Goddess.

I also found New Forest Mohair, we immediately recognised each other from The Royal Show and Francis showed me what she had been dying. At The Royal we had talked at length about Francis trying an autumn colourway and she had dyed some beautiful baby kid mohair in a gorgeous colourway. It was a trial of six skeins and two had already sold. I fell instantly and deeply in love, she’d taken my ideas and developed them into something truly beautiful. I bought the rest, there was no way in this world I was walking away without them. This photograph doesn’t do them justice, when I’ve made them into something beautiful I shall take the time necessary to photograph them in good light and show you all just how stunning they really are.

Once inside the church I was nearly knocked off my feet as Jo launched herself towards me with a Very warm welcome and I then found Cheryl and Tanisha together. We had a lovely chat, I haven’t seen them for so long.

Diane and I bumped into each other and wandered up the stairs to see what we could see and found more stalls! Diane is a very good enabler and was thrusting ideas at me left right and centre, but I had a secret plan. I’d read that Jo was selling Knit Pro needles and my plan was to purchase a pair or two. As you can see from the pictures it may have been just a little more than a couple of pairs. Fortunately my boys have come to my rescue (financially) and offered to buy them for my birthday present.

On my travels I met the girls from Coventry Knit Wits and we oggled each others purchases.

Hubby and I had coffee and a delicious toffee cake and then it was time to go. It really was a lovely day and Jo should be very proud of herself.

One thought on “Ravelry Day 2009

  1. Carie says:

    It sounds like it was an amazing day – and I love your haul! I'm very envious of the Knit Pros too – I've got one set of DPNs from Wonderwool and I feel the need for more, they're such lovely needles


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