Birthday Treats.

For my birthday this year I decided I really wanted to see the deer at Charlecote Park.

Hubby has always persuaded me that this might be a bad idea as the deer are notorious for disappearing across the river so that all you ever see of them is in the distance. But after twenty years of marriage I thought I would just chance it and see what I could see.

First there was a Heron,

and then we saw deer (across the river!)

and then there were cows,

and then we found the herd of Jacob sheep.

(swiftly followed by another photograph of Jacob sheep. I thought they were very pretty.)

We watched the Jacob sheep for about twenty minutes and just as we were about to turn around and head back to the house, look at what came around the corner…

A herd of Fallow Deer. We froze and they continued to get nearer,
and then (and could it really get any better) a White Hart came into view.

contented deer drifting nearer.

and nearer

and nearer, this deer must have been as near as 12 feet.

We eventually left them after half an hour as rain clouds were gathering. Of course we viewed the house and gardens, but you all know that what really made my day was my close encounters with the Fallow Deer.

A quick snap of the birthday girl

and the birthday girls lovely hubby,

before I leave you with a video of just close the deer were and how we were very nearly surrounded!

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