Meet the yarn monster.

This is Pip,

Pip is a Lurcher, we rescued him, we love him and he loves us. Pip was very badly beaten as a young pup and is terrified of putting a paw out of place. (he also doesn’t like his photo being taken). As time has gone on, Pip’s character is developing, rather than being frightened of just about everything and shaking in the corner.

And one of his little ways that he has developed is to become the resident Yarn Monster. You see Charlie (golden retriever) is the resident bamboo/wood needle muncher but Pip just loves yarn. And in this way, I know who has been taking a keen interest in my knitting if I carelessly leave it within reach. Within reach are the key words in that sentence, Pip can reach a very long way.

What happens is this, I finish my knitting for the evening, carefully place knitting on top of the other yarn/knitting that is residing on the buffet (posh word for very old cupboard) there may be slippage, (we have discussed my house keeping abilities before, haven’t we?!) and toddle off to bed.

Come the morning, hubby makes me a cup of tea and brings it to me in bed. Then he starts his morning routine and generally whilst he is in the shower, I found out that a) he’s left the living room door open and b) Pip has found my yarn. The sound of a herd of gazelles leaping around my living room comes drifting up to my bedroom. At which point, depending on the complexity of the current knitting project there may be an exclamation come from my lips whilst I (as quickly as humanly possible bearing in mind I’ve probably only been awake for three minutes) crawl out of bed, find specs and amble at a rather quicker rate than I really wish to down the stairs and into the living room.

Depending on how quick I am will determine the level of damage. Generally if I’m reasonably quick its rescuable, however, there are times when because the living room door has been left ajar (this is a teenagers pet project) when Pip has had a lovely afternoon playing with yarn.

This is not a good idea, a) because I think its quite dangerous to allow dogs or cats to play with yarn unattended and b) because it destroys my yarn.

So when I say, this next pair of socks is something I have no idea what the yarn is, that Pip played with the yarn for a full afternoon, that it sat languishing in my stash for over a year because it was far too pretty to just throw away, and then that it took me three hours to wind enough for a pair of socks, I’m sure you will understand.

There has been other sock knitting,

a nice thick pair of grey socks to keep my tootsies warm in the winter. These are made from Schoeller & Stahl Limbo colour 2523 with a 52 stitch cast on using 3.00mm needles.

and a finished pair of Spring Forward to Sunny Days by Linda Welch. I knitted these in Wollmeise 100% sock yarn, colourway Baba Jaga using 2.5 mm needles. I think the pattern is lost in such a variegated colourway, but it was a wonderful experience to knit them. The pattern is lovely, nice and simple and very well written, the softness and smell of the yarn was heavenly and they are wonderfully cozy. What more could a girl want!

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