Kiri Arty Shots.

As promised here are a few arty shots of my Kiri shawl. I had hoped that I would spend a few minutes setting them up to make them look pretty. But what actually happened was the rain started just as we set foot into the garden, so these photo’s are from a quick dash around..

and the latest Lizard Ridge square. 128 lot D.

I feel strangely comforted to be working back on this project, its familiar yet always has an element of excitement about it as the colours reveal themselves as you knit.

Last time I knit this I was side tracked by socks, but as I am all socked out at the moment I feel deeply contented to knit this.

3 thoughts on “Kiri Arty Shots.

  1. Jenny says:

    That shawl is beautiful, a real quality piece of work. It doesn't need arty shots to show it off, speaks for itself. Well done, its just the thing for this horribly mixed weather we're having.


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